Awis Ltd is a manufacturer of pine wood coffins suitable for cremation. Our experience in manufacturing burial and cremation coffins dates back to 1995 and since 2003 we've been operating as Awis limited liability company. As a company, we continuously develop our technology and products, and this is why today we are able to offer to our Customers an unrivalled selection of quality coffins at competitive prices.

Behind the quality workmanship we pride ourselves on is of course our employees' skills and solid experience in manufacturing coffins. Our products are supplied to several tens regular Customers all over Germany.

We offer more than a dozen models of coffins made of solid pine wood in three quality classes:

Coffins are available in the Customer's choice of finish: they may be delivered in raw plain pine, varnished, stain varnished or made to look vintage, with the verdigris effect.

Upon request, other color options are available, as well as coffin art, such as statuettes or sepulchral ornaments. Elegant coffin lining is also available, as per Customer's wish.

For transportation coffins are well-secured and packed on palettes. Deliveries are always done on time by a reliable forwarding company we've been cooperating with for years.

We will be happy to answer all your queries, so please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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